Inside The Radio City Stage Door Tour!

If you are visiting NYC, and are interested in seeing one of the most historic city landmarks, then Radio City Music Hall is a great place to check out! Built in 1932 on the heels of the Great Depression, Radio City symbolized hope and optimism for the community, bringing entertainment into people’s lives again. If all of this interests you, then the Radio City Stage Door Tour is the attraction for you!

You are first taken to the amazing Radio City Music Hall Stage. Not only do you learn the history of the theater, but also interesting facts like the stage curtain weighs 6,000 pounds! The theater hosts a variety of events such as movie premieres, live concerts and stage shows. With the extraordinary view of the stage, it’s the perfect time to a photo op!  

Next, you go up to the projection room where you get a rare bird’s eye view of the theater. If you’re lucky, you will even be able to watch performance such as from the New York Spectacular! From there, you walk through the theater enjoying the Art Deco style interior along with seeing exclusive movie posters and concert photos!

You also learn about the history of the Rockettes and how they ended up in New York City. The Rockettes did not start out in NYC and weren’t called the Rockettes! The act was originally called the “Missouri Rocket”, and then later called the “Roxyettes” when they performed at the Roxy Theatre. The current Rockettes consists of 80 dancers (2 teams) who have to audition every year! Along the tour you will even get to meet with a Rockette! Every year they continue to amaze audiences in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and summer show!  

One of the exclusive looks you get on this tour is of the Roxy Suite. You not only get to see photos of celebrities from back in the day such as Judy Garland, but also the famous Radio City Music Hall Guest Book. Celebrities from John Legend to Anderson Cooper have signed that book!

 These are just some of the many highlights you will get to experience on the Radio City Stage Door Tour. This amazing experience you can choose as part of our FreeStyle Pass while taking in the NYC sights!   

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