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The Rockettes Shine in the New York Spectacular!

Posted by on June 30, 2016

The Rockettes have returned to Radio City Music Hall in the New York Spectacular! The show truly takes you on an adventure through NYC and its many iconic locations. It’s the perfect combination of a great storyline, fantastic dancing and music! Great for all ages, this show is a must see this summer!

The show starts with the iconic Rockettes and their show stopping number “Welcome to New York” written by Taylor Swift. Appearing in the background are beautiful views of the skyline at night transporting you to NYC!

The story then transitions to a normal family, Emily, Jacob and their parents visiting NYC. However, along the way, Emily and Jacob get separated from their parents on the subway. All those visiting the city can relate to that! At Grand Central Station, Jacob is visited by Mercury who says he must listen to the statues of the city and visit Alice in order to find his parents. Jacob and his sister go on an adventure as they search for their parents, and open their imaginations to what the city has to offer! 


Photo Credit: Radio City Music Hall

They first visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the paintings come to life! The scenes in the MET are the perfect display of the talent of New York Spectacular Director & Choreographer Mia Michaels. First, ballerinas from one of the paintings come to life to perform a ballet number to classical music by Bach and Vivaldi. Then, Jacob heads to the dungeon where Ancient Egyptians (played by the Rockettes), and Knights perform hip-hop and contemporary style dance numbers. The dance numbers in the dungeon were modern and nothing like I have seen before!

As Mia Michaels says about the choreography of the show, “There’s a lot of different flavors in the show. There’s power. There’s elegance and romance. There’s quirky and classical. There’s tap. It’s all over the map, yet the core is the brand of the Rockettes.” 


Photo Credit: Radio City Music Hall

From the MET, after not finding their parents, Jacob and Emily head to Wall Street home of the Charging Bull. While there, Jacob makes the mistake of listening to the Bull and his lecture on how money is all that matters. Here is an exclusive look at the Wall Street number!   


Emily and Jacob then head to the New York Public Library where they meet the rapping Lions, Patience & Fortitude! Yes that’s right, rapping lions! You can’t help but laugh during this scene and wish the real statues of Patience & Fortitude came to life!

With no luck in finding their parents, the next stop is Central Park to finally meet the statue of Alice in Wonderland. There, Emily can finally see the statues talk as she is a major fan of Alice. You get transported into the crazy world of Wonderland where Alice and the Mad Hatter are in love! As the brother and sister head to Times Square, they dance in the rain with the Rockettes! 


Photo Credit: Radio City Music Hall

In Times Square, famous Broadway classics are performed including “Forty Second Street” and “Give My Regards to Broadway”. There, Emily and Jacob realize they should head to the Empire State Building. Along the way they encounter a marvelous fashion show! The Rockettes strut on the runway in amazing couture costumes and to amazing vogue music. This number was truly the best in the show and I especially loved when the violinists rose onto the stage in dramatic and beautiful fashion. 


Photo Credit: Radio City Music Hall

However, once the two arrive to the Empire State Building, their parents are not there! Then, Mercury reappears and magically transports them to the iconic Statue of Liberty. They finally reunite with their parents at one of the best places in NYC!

Now that they are all finally together, the show ends with a show stopping number by the Rockettes and their world renowned kickline! The Rockettes really know how to close the show with a bang!


You will not realize how amazing the New York Spectacular is unless you see it for yourself! With the show only running through August 7th, make sure to visit NYC and see it! 

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