Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

What do summer nights bring? Outdoor concerts under the stars, of course! If you’ve had a full day of sightseeing, as many visiting New York City do, this can be a challenge to stay up for. Why wait until 11pm for your favorite band to FINALLY come on when you can see them in Central Park FOR FREE?! That’s right: Good Morning America has concerts every Saturday morning, so you can catch your favorite band before the day even begins! 

This is the perfect way to get your kids in to see their favorite artists. Not only is this (obviously) before their bedtime, but the concerts are produced for live TV so they are family friendly!

This summer has already had numerous big names, from pop-star Demi Lovato to country star Brad Paisley to the rock band Blink 182. And we’re not even halfway through the summer! 

Check out this video to see how to get to these concerts in style!

You can even watch Good Morning America live and then ride the party bus from the Times Square Studios to the concert! Fans that ride the party bus not only have the chance to get extra time on TV, they even have their own designated area at Rumsey Playfield, where the concerts are held.

Check out some of the highlights from the shows that have taken place so far this summer:

Good Morning America hosts helped Demi Lovato pull off an amazing surprise for fans: Brad Paisley. Their duet “Without a Fight” was a huge hit with the fans! Not only that, but Demi Lovato came back AGAIN the following week when Brad Paisley performed for the summer concert series. That is true dedication to fans!!

And then there was Blink 182. These guys by far had the largest crowd. They are as talented in 2016 as they were when they formed in 1992. 

Blink 182 has accumulated such a large cult following, making the crowd itself almost as entertaining as the musicians. They threw many guitar picks into the crowd, after which shouts of “I’ll give you $20 for that!” would ensue each time.

And then, of course, there’s Sia. She is just as quirky as you would think, and even more endearing. After detailing how she had just been crying in the dressing room, fans began to chant, “We love you, Sia!” Her voice carried through Central Park in such a calming, yet powerful way. 

Many big names are yet to perform this Summer like Keith Urban and Jason Derulo. So be sure to hitch a ride on the party bus for an unforgettable experience with these ultra-talented artists! To view all of the upcoming concerts, click here

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