Things To Do NYC: Explore The High Line!

One of the hidden gems of NYC is the High Line! It’s a little piece of paradise located in the middle of the hectic city. From the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues, you can walk through this public park taking in the beautiful sights. 

The High Line was originally open to trains from 1934 to the 1980s. The Friends of the High Line was founded in 1999 to preserve and open the High Line to the public. The official groundbreaking of the High Line happened on September 20th, 2012. Since then, native New Yorker’s and visitors alike walk along the High Line every day!

The Views

You can’t beat the views from the High Line! You have amazing views all along the park of the Hudson River! Just sit and relax and watch as the boats sail past! You also get see multiple areas including the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and Hudson Yards. In our opinion, the best view has to be of the Hudson Yards. Not only do you get a beautiful view of the water, but an even more amazing look at the historic rails and the trains! 

The Gardens

The amount of gardens and plant-life you see on the High Line is unbelievable! Who thought you would that much in the middle of NYC! There are 18 garden spots along the High Line all with seating areas to relax and enjoy the environment.

Some of the plant-life that can be seen includes wild petunia, azure blue sage, prairie dock and Japanese clethra.

The Art

Along the High Line, there are various works of art to admire. The most prominent piece is Untitled (Blind Idealism Is…) by Barbara Kruger, which was installed at the High Line in March 2016 at West 22nd Street. This piece is hand-painted mural criticizing culture and power.

Untitled (Blind Idealism Is…)

Another popular art piece is Smart Tree by Nari Ward located at West 23rd Street. What’s unique about this piece is that there is an actual apple tree sprouting from the car!

Food & Drink

The place to get food & drink as you walk the High Line is at 15th Street! This is a great place to take a pit stop whether you are getting a quick lunch or something sweet! Grab some delicious food at The Taco Truck and La Sonrisa Empanadas. Satisfy your appetite for sweets at either at Melt Bakery or People’s Pops! At this location on the High Line, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Throughout the year, there are tours of the High Line and numerous events such as Stargazing. These are just some of the many wonderful things you can see on the High Line! It is definitely a must thing to do whether you live in NYC or are just visiting! Want to explore more of the beautiful city? Why not take a bus tour!  

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