“Oh, Hello”: The New Hamilton! (No, really, we mean it.)

Oh, Hello on Broadway is the latest sensation to hit BroadwayNick Kroll (Comedy Central’s “Kroll Show”) and John Mulaney (Netflix’s “The Comeback Kid”) are two of the funniest and most original comedians to hit the scene in years! This show will have you questioning theater tropes, and our social climate- not to mention you’ll be laughing nonstop throughout it. 

Oh, Hello on Broadway follows 70-something Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland who live on New York’s Upper West side. These two lovable but deplorable old men are characters types that have never before graced the Broadway stage. The story starts out with Gil and George in the Lyceum Theatre finally being able to perform their play about two Upper West Side roommates of 40 years. As part of their characters, they incorrectly pronounce words such as home page (homage) and bird-way (Broadway). 

They give you a tour through their set and learn the origins of the pieces- hair dryers from “Steel Magnolias” and the original curtain of Fiddler on the Roof. The jokes are endless! Then, you ride through history with Gil and George, learning about controlled rent ($75 to have an apartment on the Upper West Side), and get the inside scoop on the biz from two celebrity outliers. 

John and Nick have certainly done their research, and have isolated the banal practices of theater. From the bloody handkerchief to show someone is dying, to the one sided phone call with far too much unnecessary information… They cover it all! The two challenge the form time and time again, which is an enjoyable treat for Broadway veterans and newbies alike. 

Photo Credit: Oh, Hello on Broadway

Then you have Gil and George’s signature show called Too Much Tuna. They “prank” a celebrity guest by calling them up from the audience and giving them a sandwich that has way too much tuna. It’s ridiculous and absurd, but totally hilarious! Some of the celebrity guests that have been in the play so far are Fred SavageRebel WilsonJosh GrobanSeth Meyers and Alan Alda on Opening Night. I happened to be there on the night Seth Meyers appeared. He and Mulaney have SNL history, having created famed character Stefon. The three of them could not keep it together! Once Seth was pranked, they even had a synchronized #2much2na dance!

Another part of the show which really stood out was the nightmare/terror dance sequence. Gil and George performed the sequence (in all seriousness) to be nominated for the Tony Award for “Best Choreography in a Limited Run Vanity Project.” It was definitely terrifying to see a more than life size tuna sandwich monster. They ended the scene perfectly with them being utterly exhausted lying on the floor telling jokes. 

Photo Credit: Oh, Hello on Broadway

There are endless things to say about this show. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are the perfect duo for Broadway! Also having John Slattery and Jon Hamm as “understudies” is a plus too! 

Oh, Hello is running on Broadway until January 8th at the Lyceum Theater (recommended for those 13 and older). Make sure to get your tickets for the must see show of the year!

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