It is fair to say that the New York City wine bar scene has been challenged by the popularity of the city’s cocktail and hipster craft beer bars in recent years. However, we’d heard that the wine bars had bounced back, rejuvenated. So, we took ourselves out to do some tiring and challenging research. We found a level of quality that’s nothing short of impressive. Wine bars are back in a big way. Here are our highly scientific findings – a list of our favourite wine bars in New York City.  

(To be honest, this piece could have been a tome or a trilogy; we couldn’t mention every one – so feel free to comment with those NYC wine bars that you’ve discovered).

1. Lois
Lois is located in the East Village and all wines here are on tap. It is the first bar in NYC to do so. The wine menu also offers many lesser-known varieties of wine. The bar staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. We have great praise for their small dishes / snacks, too. They’ve also introduced a no tipping policy.

Lois, 98 Loisaida Avenue, New York.

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2. The Immigrant
The bar staff here at this East Village bar are very friendly and have a wealth of knowledge on the wines they serve. The list has quite a global feel. It offers a small and intimate setting, and that’s not a bad thing at all. One side of the bar serves beer and the other wine, which is a novel way of doing things – but it does work.

The Immigrant, 341 East 9th Street New York.

3. The Four Horsemen
This Williamsburg wine bar focuses on natural wines from the US and Europe. This means the wines are young and preservative free. As you’d expect, by appearing on this list, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about what’s on offer. The bar is homely and comfortable too.

The Four Horsemen, 295 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York.

4. Sel Rose
Sel Rose is located on the Lower East Side. It has a faded industrial feel to the décor – there’s even wallpaper peeling from the walls. The wine is anything but faded, however. It has a great selection – even orange wines, which are white wines made in the fashion of red wines, with longer contact with the skin of the fruit to make them very full bodied. They do $1 oysters, which are incredible.

1 Delancey Street, New York.

Sel Rose #winebar #NewYorkCity

5. The Ten Bells
The Ten Bells on the Lower East Side serves organic and sustainable wine. The food they serve is also brilliant and the bonus is that they have an oyster happy hour every day!

The Ten Bells, 247 Broome Street, New York.

6. June
This is a homely, relaxed and rustic bar in Cobble Hill with a real Parisian vibe. It’s also very reasonably priced. Again, their speciality is natural wines from California and Western Europe. Like Sel Rrose, they also offer ‘orange wines’, and the seasonal small plates are fabulous.

June, 231 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York.

6. Rebelle
This is a French wine bar – with a restaurant at the back and a wine bar out front. It has a Parisian loft vibe. The staff is as expert as they come, and the wine bar has a spacious and non crowded feel. The wine list is very long and also has a French and American focus, just like the interior. The small plates are amazing, effortlessly paired with the wine. It’s a place you want to stay in for a while.

Rebelle, 218 Bowery, New York.

Rebelle #winebar #NYC

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