See New York City By Night!

The island of Manhattan at night is beautiful just about any way you like at it. Somehow, the city becomes even more alive as the sun goes down and the city’s famous lights take over. When planning your trip to New York, we’re sure you’re trying to figure out the best way to experience this. Well you are in luck! Our Night Bus Tour is the perfect for just that!

Nothing beats the view from across the river in Brooklyn. Watching the sun set over the city is something that you will not easily forget!

The tour starts in Manhattan – right in Times Square! What better place to see the night begin to come alive?! Our tour guides know how to make your tour just that much more special. They are the perfect combination of interesting, informational and entertaining!  

Here’s one interesting fact you will learn on the Night Tour: One World Trade Center is called the “Freedom Tower” because it is 1,176 feet tall. So cool, right?!

On the way to the Manhattan Bridge, the tour will take you by Bryant Park, the Empire State Building, and Little Italy. You actually have the option to disembark at the Empire State Building!

Tour Tip: Plan on taking the Night Tour an hour before sunset. As you cross the Manhattan Bridge, the sun will just have begun to set behind the city. 

Not only is Manhattan beautiful but Brooklyn itself is also very cool! Our guide’s do a great job of detailing the history of the borough – like how it used to be an entirely different city!

When you head back into Manhattan, the entire city will be in front of you, sparkling in all of its glory. Have those camera’s ready!

By the time you get back to Manhattan, the night is in full swing. You can get dropped-off either at the Empire State Building, or the bus will take you back to Times Square.

One last thing that’s awesome about this tour: anyone and EVERYONE will enjoy it! 

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