Put One World Observatory At The Top Of Your List!

New York City is famous for its breath-taking skyline. There are many amazing vantage points to view the wonder of such a large concrete jungle. The newest (and tallest) option? One World Observatory.

This new downtown addition is referred to as the “Freedom Tower” due to its height, 1,776 ft, which marks the birth of our country. One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the sixth tallest building in the world. That alone makes it an iconic landmark, but it has so much more to offer!

The lower level gives a wonderful depiction of how the Freedom Tower came to be. From the architectural design to how many people worked on bringing the building to life. There are also firsthand accounts from the workers themselves that give a glimpse of what it was like to build such a monstrous building.

The elevator ride up is a definite highlight of the whole experience. It shows what the island of Manhattan looked like through the years, from the very spot that you stand in the elevator. Starting out in the 1500’s, there’s only grass and trees as far as the eye can see. As the elevator climbs, a bird’s eye view of civilization begins to appear – houses and churches begin to pop up amid the trees. Next, with the 1800’s, come the bridges and the first skyscrapers.

As the elevator enters the 1900’s, skyscrapers are built even higher. Before you know it, the elevator dings, the door opens, and before you is a perfect view of New York City.

The views from One World Observatory are unique in that all of Manhattan can be seen at once. If you’re overwhelmed by what you’re looking at, there are iPad’s available to so that you can better understand what it is you are seeing. Looking out at Manhattan, the many neighborhoods can be seen, from lower Manhattan all the way up, with especially beautiful views of Midtown and the Empire State Building.

While the views of Manhattan are indeed exquisite from this vantage point, the views of Brooklyn are unlike any other. The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges can all be seen as thousands of commuters travel to and fro on top of them.

When you turn and look towards New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty is even visible! If you’ve been in the city a few days, you can look out and see where you’ve been, or even better: if this is the first stop on your vacation, you can get a very good grip on the layout of this compact city!

This is an absolute must for your New York City trip itinerary and is now an option with the FreeStyle Pass!

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