Must see New York film locations for movie fans

New York City with its unique atmosphere and spellbinding sights has offered movie directors one of the best film sets. That’s why the city is a perfect destination for film fans of all ages. Here are just some of the must-see New York film locations you can see when you visit New York: 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – or The Met 

The interior of the Met served as a backdrop for that most famous of romcoms – When Harry Met Sally. In the film, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal take a romantic walk through the museum’s Egyptian rooms. In the film’s most iconic scene that gave us the line: ‘I’ll have what she’s having’  – the pair are sitting in Katz’s Deli in New York. 

The exterior of the Met also appears in The Thomas Crown Affair remake with Pierce Brosnan.  The exterior, rather than the interior appears because the Met didn’t want to be too closely associated with the story of a robbery – which is understandable, given the treasures it has secured inside. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – a splendid location for When Harry met Sally and The Thomas Crown Affair remake (Image Credit: Pixabay @anielbaez0)

Miracle on 34th Street – Macy’s

That classic Christmas film – Miracle on 34th Street – from 1947 features one of the world’s most famous department stores – Macy’s New York. It’s a New York icon – and the storefront, which appeared in the film, is still in the same location – Herald Square. It’s quite an incredible place to visit – boasting 11 levels of shops over an entire city block. 

Macy’s – the backdrop to Miracle on 34th Street and many fairy-tale shopping experiences for our New York visitors (Image Source: Pixabay @Skeeze) 

Sleepless in Seattle  & An Affair to Remember – The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building has a starring role in both An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. The wonderful writer and director – Nora Ephron, brought Sleepless in Seattle to us, and it features an iconic and heart-warming scene where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet on top of New York City’s most famous building – The Empire State Building.  The Art Deco masterpiece appeared in the film An Affair to remember – in an equally famous scene where Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are to meet to decide the fate of their romance. It’s a must-see attraction when you visit New York – the views, and indeed the atmosphere atop this historic building, are not to be missed.

The iconic Empire State Building – the location of that wonderful Sleepless in Seattle film, and of course An Affair to Remember (Image Source: Pixabay @Free-Photos) 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Tiffany’s

The scene where Holly Golightly is stood outside Tiffany’s eating a pastry and drinking a street cart coffee – is the real deal. Audrey Hepburn is indeed stood outside the famous flagship store on Fifth Avenue. 

You’ve Got Mail – Café Lalo 

The dessert bar – Café Lalo on the Upper West Side is well known for its floor to ceiling windows and a phenomenal selection of over 70 cakes. It starred in the other Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan classic – You’ve Got Mail. 

Ghostbusters – 1984

This 1980s cult classic is set in New York, but many of the scenes were filmed elsewhere in the USA – including LA. However, the scene at the start of the movie, where Ray, Egon, and Peter meet their first ghost – they are inside the New York Public Library. 

Part of the 1980s classic – The Ghostbusters – was filmed here at the New York Public Library (Image Source: @PredragKezic)

The Plaza Hotel – Home Alone and Jessica Jones 

This Chateaux style building on the corner of 5th Avenue and 58th Street is one of the best-known hotels in New York City. It was also a prominent location for the Home Alone 2 film, where young Kevin McCallister spends his second Christmas alone. It’s also most recently starred in the Jessica Jones TV series – as well as playing host to many celebrity weddings and performances. 

These are only some of the must-see New York film locations for film fans. There are more – but then given the atmosphere, history and buildings in the city, that’s hardly surprising.  What one will you choose to see first? 

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