Giving Back In NYC

As Gray Line New York approaches its 90th anniversary, our aim is to show our appreciation of the people of New York by giving back.

Gray Line NY and the Brooklyn Nets partnered together this week to give fifty kids a tour of Manhattan.

The tour guide began with the history of everything that we were seeing as we headed into the city (from the Barclays Center). The skyline was just beginning to illuminate the night as we headed over the Manhattan Bridge.

At first all of the kids were gabbing away, but they slowly quieted down as they realized how interesting the history of the city was. 

It is important to us to help out in the community. What better way to do that than to give a tour atop a bus to these kids? They live so close to Manhattan, yet most of them have not had the opportunity to experience the city in such a way.

We also had the opportunity this week to partner in an event with the J.R. Smith Youth Foundation. As stated on their website, this charity’s goal is to “provide opportunities and support for young people through education, sports, the Arts and other beneficial activities.”

For this particular event, one of Gray Line’s buses transported about twenty-five people from the foundation to the Covenant House on 41st street.

Not only were a wide variety of clothes donated to the youth, but we were able to interact with them and get a better understanding of what they have been through. The Covenant House assists youth in “leaving the streets and achieving independence.”

Chris Smith came along for the ride and chatted with the youth and signed autographs. They were also able to Facetime Chris’s brother, J.R. Smith!

It was inspiring to see their faces light up as they asked these athletes questions about how they got to where they are today.

This upcoming year, one of our main focuses will continue to be giving back to the wonderful people of New York City!

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