An American in Paris: Broadway’s Most Romantic Show

Soldiers. Ballets. Music. Art. Countless secrets. Unrequited and forbidden love…

If that isn’t romantic enough for you, throw in the fact that it’s the 1940s IN PARIS!

When the show starts, if you close your eyes for just a moment (not for too long because you don’t want to miss the dancing), you’re transported to the streets of Paris.

When you open your eyes up again, and realize you’re sitting in a theatre, this is the scene before you: the war is over, but instead of going back home, soldier Jerry Mulligan decided he’d rather stay. And can you blame him? He wants to pursue his art and find the French girl of his dreams.

Along the way, he meets his two pals: Adam, the pianist, and Henri. Henri is on the verge of writing a letter of proposal to the woman he loves. Yes, I said WRITE! Don’t worry; this is not portrayed in a way that will get your man thinking that this is a romantic way to propose.

“I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise”, Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Meanwhile, Jerry Mulligan discusses his “girlfriend,” whom he secretly meets up with each afternoon.  While at the same time, Adam is just head over heels, hopelessly in love with a woman as well.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re all in love with the same girl? And in true manly fashion, they never actually discuss the object of their affection. Consequently, they’re all quite happy for each other. The show follows these three men and their journey to capture the affection of Lise.

The music that you’ll hear, which was composed back in 1928, portrays Paris just as well today as it did back then. Featuring classic songs such as “I Got Rhythm” and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” the music transports you into a time period where love filled the air. With the upbeat music, I even wanted to get up and dance myself!

“I Got Rhythm”, Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Compared to other Broadway shows, this show was very unique with its use of choreography. Instead of simply complimenting the show, the dancing of the cast stole the show!

This production did a fantastic job honoring the movie, An American in Paris (1951), yet modernizing the show as well. For example, the beautiful digital scenery backdrop gives an artistic and romantic flare to 1940s Paris which goes along perfectly with the storyline.

Photo Credit: Angela Sterling

Clearly this show is great and has been a success on Broadway. So far, it has won four Tony Awards (2015) for Best Choreography, Orchestrations, Scenic Design and Lighting Design (Musical) along with nominations for Best Musical, Book of a Musical, Actress, Actor and many more!

I would definitely see this show again and so should you! With the beautiful music and choreography, romantic storyline and great cast, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t see it. An American in Paris is truly the Most Romantic Show on Broadway!

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