5 Reasons Why New York is the Greatest City in the World

We know we’re a little biased, given that we’ve set up the top tour bus business here, but we think New York is the greatest city in the world. And lots of people from outside of New York — and from outside of the US — seem to agree with us! As we offer the great value hop-on-hop-off bus tours in NYC, we thought we’d take stock of everything that makes our city so great. So here it is: 5 reasons why New York is the greatest city in the world! 

1) New York is the best city for foodies 

All big cities tend to be better for foodies, but New York is on a completely different level. Part of this is due to the city’s incredible cultural diversity. People have traveled to New York from all around the globe, which is why New York has the best Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese food in the US — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg; we just didn’t want to list dozens of countries. However, New York hasn’t just borrowed its cuisine from other countries; it has also created its own food as well as reinventing some staple dishes from other countries. For example, New York-style pizza is beloved around the world — perhaps almost as much as Sicilian pizza! New York was also the birthplace of the Waldorf Salad, the Reuben sandwich, hotdogs, hamburgers, and Eggs Benedict! 

2) It is an Art Deco Lover’s Dream 

While Art Deco began in France in the mid-20s, it didn’t take long for much of the western world to catch on, and New York is, arguably, the best place to visit in the world if you love Art Deco architecture! Art Deco, as a style, influenced jewelry, furniture, interior décor, etc, and you will find all of this in spades in New York City too. But it’s the incredible architecture that has put New York on the map. Art Deco architecture was created to look as modern as possible, and it’s this attempt to be modern (a 1920s idea of modern) that has caused so many of the buildings to retain their striking aesthetic, as nothing tends to date as much as any style that is trying to be modern or futuristic. The Chrysler Building (pictured above) is perhaps the most famous Art Deco building in the world, but there’s also the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, The Waldorf Astoria, the Verizon Building, Flatiron Building, and so many more!

3) New York’s Incredible Live Music Venues

New York City is, arguably, the biggest city in the world for the music business — combine this with the huge population and incredible venues and you have the greatest city for live music concerts. Every big star in the US (and in the world) includes New York in their live tours, so you’re guaranteed to see any band of solo artist who is actively touring. The biggest venues to look out for are Madison Square Garden, The Town Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and The Beacon Theater — just to name a few!

4) New York City is Perfect for Theater-lovers 

As good as New York is for live music venues, it’s arguably even better for theater. In fact, New York has the highest number of theaters of any city in the world! New York’s theater scene is referred to as Broadway because many of the biggest theater venues in the city are situated on the street called Broadway. The best thing about New York is that you can see all of the biggest theater productions everyone is talking about or you can go to any one of dozens of smaller theaters to watch independent productions you won’t find anywhere else. 

5) The New York Nightlife!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s New York’s incredible nightlife. Not only does NYC have an almost endless array of bars and clubs to choose between, but it also stays open much later than most other cities — which means that New York has more than earned the title of The City that Never Sleeps. Many of the bars stay open until 4 am and some of the nightclubs stay open even later (or is it ‘earlier’?). New York has such a vibrant nightlife that it has its own nightlife mayor whose job it is to support the venues and ensure New York continues to be the best city in the world for nightlife!

So, New York has the best food, Art Deco architecture, music venues, theater scene, and nightlife — and these are just five of the reasons why New York is the greatest city in the world! If you’re visiting the city, make sure you take a look through our New York City tours, and please get in touch if you have any questions. Start planning your next big trip to the Big Apple today!

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